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21-04-14 16:34:00 / door pureandsimple / band: Madball

De HC-legende uit NYC komt binnenkort met een nieuwe plaat met de pakkende titel HARDCORE LIVES! Check wat frontman Freddy erover te zeggen heeft:

I shouted 'Hardcore Lives' on Madball's first release, *Ball Of Destruction*, - I was twelve then. It wasn't pre-planned or written down... it was an ad-lib that I just threw out there and we kept it! Back then there was no choice really, not the way we were recording - two track live at *Don Fury*'s... NYHC style! I feel the sentiment behind the expression still holds true today, maybe even more so. That said, Hardcore Lives at least to us, is not just about a cool 'catchphrase' - it's about that rebellious spirit that doesn't give in... In life, music, whatever. It's about growing, evolving, and maintaining your integrity in the process.


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